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Tradition and Authentic Ingredients

We use only the best ingredients of the highest quality and authentic flavour. We do not use preservatives and the products are not pasteurised; we also avoid the use of breadcrumbs (except for the Passatelli, for which breadcrumbs are an essential part of the base). The product is just the same as our mothers and grandmothers make at home.

Pasta Vadese makes its products using zero-miles soft and hard wheat semolina of the highest quality, of which we only use the heart that is rich in protein and gluten.

Our pasta is fruit of the age-old farming history of our region, the Marche. The production process is based on the traditions of our regional cuisine, carefully processed in a workshop of the latest generation. But that is not all, the search for new types of fillings and shapes helps us to meet the needs of the finest and most demanding chefs, even on request.

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